the story of how i got my name (aka Rebirth)

it was a rainy sunday afternoon,
the sky was really cracking this evening,
flashes going of here and there,
and on my way home,
there was a man standing in the middle of the street, glowing like a
blue spotlight,
and he turned to me and whispered
your name is Tozil, then he dissapeard and the weather with him

should i *-)

hmm should i post more of what i think here?
or would i just be scream at >.i have the other blogg for it,
but sometimes i want ppl to know,
without telling them u know?
like when she ignores me >.<
i hate that,
or when i ask stuff and she doesnt answer

well well...
thats something for later,
and a more closed space
// Tozil


// Tozil

little black boock.

Jag har börjat skriva en liten svart bok,
med massa tankar,
smarta saker jag hör o kommer på,
allt som kan vara värt att spara :)
för minnen är viktiga,
och borde inte tappas bort

// Tozil
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not a couple breaking up, its two friends getting back together,
does she feel that way too you think?
// Tozil