usch det är mycket tankar som snurrar,
därför tänkte jag att jag skulle besöka min blogg igen :)
hon (ofc är det en tjej min blogg :P) som alltid lyssnar ^^

jag vet inte riktigt vad som hände med det var inte direkt mysigt,
helt plötsligt så blev allt bara tungt och svart,
och jag kan ju ändå inte sluta tänka på henne >.<
frågan är om jag vill det?
eller till viss del ja, och till stor del nej!

aja annars knatar livet på som vanligt...
jobba äta umgås sova jobba äta umgås sova
kan inte klaga, men det fattas något...// Tozil
jahopp jag vill börja skriva här igen men vet inte om vad:P
just nu är jag sjuk iaf >.<
förkyld till tusen (eller iaf 50% :P)
så hemma idag och antagligen imon :)
// Tozil

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// Tozil


Så på måndag bär det av till london,
kommer nog skrivva lite där ifrån...
tror jag XD iaf i mån av tid,

vet ju inte ALLS hur det kommer vara :)
men kommer iaf få ett nytt nummer om allt går som det ska
ett lokalt nummer, (biligare och ringa i samma land)
det lär poppa upp här eller på Facebook

// Tozil

sony center here i come ^^

so i got a new job :D!
Sony center i täby
det tar 1.5h dit men va fan så värt det :P
älskar butiken o dom som jobbar där XD
har jobbat där en vecka nu ;D
och än så länge är jag kvar :E

// Tozil

Walking life part Two

The reason why I refuse to take existentialism as just another French fashion or historical curiosity is that I think it has something very important to offer us...
I'm afraid were losing the real virtues of living life passionately in the sense of taking responsibility for who you are the ability to make something of yourself and feel good about life.
Existentialism is often discussed as if it were a philosophy of despair,
but I think the truth is just the opposite.
Sartre, once interviewed, said he never felt once minute of despair in his life.
One thing that comes out from reading these guys is not a sense of anguish about life so much as a real kind of exuberance, of feeling on top of it, its like your life is yours to create.
Ive read the post modernists with some interest, even admiration, but when I read them I always have this awful nagging feeling that something absolutely essential is getting left out.
The more you talk about a person as a social construction or as a confluence of forces or as being fragmented of marginalised, what you do is you open up a whole new world of excuses.
And when sartre talks about responsibilty, he's not talking about something abstract.
He's not taling about the kind of self or souls that theologians would talk about.
Hes talking about you and me talking, making descisions, doing things, and taking the consequences.

It might be true that there are six billion people in this world, and counting, but nevertheless
-what you do makes a difference. It makes a difference, first of all, in material terms, to other people, and it sets an example. In short, I think the message here is that we shouuld never write ourselves off or see eachother as a victim of various forces. It's always our descision who we are. // Tozil

Waking Life part one

I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. And this is like my little window to the world... and every minute's a different show. I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I'll tell you what I've accepted: just sort of glide along. You want to keep things on an even key, this is what I'm saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. It saves on introductions and goodbyes. The ride does not require explanation - just occupance. That's where you guys come in. It's like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8 pack, you may get the 16 pack but it's all in what you do with the crayons - the colors - that you're given. Don't worry about coloring within the lines or coloring outside the lines - I say color outside the lines, you know what I mean? Color all over the page; don't box me in! We're in motion to the ocean. We are not land locked, I'll tell you that. // Tozil